Working hard and playing hard this week in the savvy news!

Working hard and playing hard this week in the savvy news!

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I hope you don’t mind but I was feeling the adventure itch this week so my stories are full of it! If you don’t want that wanderlust vibe, perhaps stop reading here.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

I’m going to start by giving a shout out to savvy navvy’s Software Engineer, Stefanos, who recently took some much needed time off to go sailing in his beloved home waters of Greece! Welcome back Stefanos, we’re not jealous at all, really….

Stefanos Sailing - savvy navvy Engineer

Find out more about the team behind the savvy app.

Take a Desert Island Drift Around Zanzibar

Kayaks next to a cow pulling a cart

Do you love kayaking? Then say hello to the ultimate paddling playground as photojournalist Nick Haan reports on a three-day kayaking tour adventure.

“We forge on, our eyes battling the glare and our shoulders tensing up like crab claws. For a time, it seems to be just us, the sea and the sky, and, despite the battle, the experience carries a deep sense of peace. When we finally arrive at Uzi Island, we stagger from our kayaks like drunk sailors. That night, we sip rum from coconuts and make a fire on the beach as tree-climbing crabs scuttle in the shadows and the lights of the distant Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam shine across the ocean.”

Set your wanderlust alight with this incredible tale.

From Boat to Vineyard, The Best Wine Regions To Charter A Boat

superyacht charter

Imagine having the wind in your hair, and salt in the air whilst enjoying crystal blue waters that overlook emerald vineyards rising out of volcanic slopes like a long lost, long-forgotten treasure.

Some say sailing through the wine countries of the Mediterranean and New Zealand should be on every traveller's to-do list. I personally couldn’t agree more.

Whether you choose to go bareboat, skippered or crewed, these four destination recommendations are sure to keep your experiences and your glass, full.

Explore vineyard sailing here.

The Fake Marina for the F1 in Miami Has the Internet Buzzing!

Formula one in Vegas

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to walk on water this could just be your opportunity to find out.

What happens when you want to host the Miami Grand Prix at the Port of Miami but you get rejected? You simply build a replica marina made up of 25,000 square feet of fake vinyl water.

Is this ridiculous or totally cool?

You decide.

We Made It! - The 6 Best Sailing Apps You Should Try in 2022

recommended sailing apps 2022

Apologies for the self bragging here but we couldn’t help but mention we’ve been listed as number 2 on the 6 best sailing apps to try in 2022. Thanks, guys!

How to Take a Caribbean Sailing Holiday Right Now

Moorings catamaran

If you’ve been dreaming of taking that long-awaited sailing holiday but have been putting it off in fear of hectic travel plans and scary prices. Have no fear. Bob Curley details his most recent trip to the British Virgin Islands with Moorings in February this year.

Get inspired here.

Why This Couple Love Their RIB as Much as a Larger Motorboat

Ever wished you could have the thrill and adventure of owning a large motorboat but with the expense of a smaller RIB? So have we and according to Phil and Jules Dargaevel, it’s completely possible.

Read about their adventures here.

Ready, set - Race to Alaska

The Race to Alaska is back after a two year COVID break. The R2AK is a race of pure physical endurance with no motors or support permitted across the frigid 750-mile route from Port Townsend to Ketchikan.

Entrants are rewarded for their bullish ambition however with a 10,000 dollar prize for first place.

Read more here.

Once a Floating Playground for Ernest Hemingway…

Meet Weather Bird, a stunning 101-foot staysail schooner that holds a history book full of memories. Her finely cared for teak decks have been graced by the presence of Ernest Hemingway, Cole Porter and Coco Chanel. Some say even Pablo Picasso found his inspiration onboard this 90-year-old classic.

In 2021 Weather Bird underwent a refit which included new engines and generators and electrical system upgrades. She even comes with a fold-out piano!

We hear this stunner just went on sale for a cool 4.06 million dollars.

Take a look at the stunning finishes here.

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