Wagtails, Sabot dinghies and paddling dogs in the savvy news

Wagtails, Sabot dinghies and paddling dogs

Hey everyone,

Who else out there got the paddle boards out recently?

I braved it last weekend and we even managed to take our dog along for the ride!

The nice thing about spending time on the water is you get exercise, fresh air and can remain socially distanced all in one nice little package, and thanks to savvy navvy I can now easily check the tide before going so I don't end up going backwards (as was the story of my first ever paddling trip!).

If you're looking to get a paddle board check out our friends over a Pro Marine UK.

We've got some funky stuff in todays news, I hope you enjoy!

I gots da fever: one man's journey to sailing

wagtail - one mans journey to sailing

"It seems to me sometimes that sailing can have two heads. One of them smiles at me when the wind is fair, the sun shines and the water behind the back bit of the boat burbles. The other head, however, has access to your bank account details, can tempt you away from significant others and also has the ability to seriously cause you harm if you do not take her seriously. But, I love it when she smiles."

Have you ever thought about getting into sailing? How about purchasing your first boat? Well then, I think you'll like this joyfully written tale from Scott Opie who woke up one morning and realised sailing was what he needed to do.

Click here to read the tales of how he learn't to sail and purchased his first and only boat, Wagtail.

RNLI offer free safety advice tailored to your boat

RNLI offer free safety advice tailored to your boat

Did you know that the RNLI offers a free safety advice session, tailored to your boat, onboard your vessel at a time and place that suits you?

During the session, trained RNLI volunteers advise you on your boat's safety equipment, and you have the opportunity to ask any niggling questions about equipment, safety, or emergency procedures that are on your mind.

If you'd like to get some tips from their friendly Advice Onboard service click here for details.

Lessons of the Sabot Dinghy

Lessons of the Sabot Dinghy

Jumping into the quirky Sabot dinghy, pro sailor, Steve Hunt wrote himself a playbook that will work for learning the nuances of any boat.

Steve Hunt applies his self-help skills to his Sabot. His methodical approach to understanding the nuances of the classic Southern California dinghy allowed him to better understand what is fast in certain conditions.

Read more here.

Travellers hustle to reserve their spot on the world's largest sailing ship

The Golden Horizon

Set to make her Aussie debut next summer, Tradewind Voyages’ new luxury ship Golden Horizon, is the line’s most eco-friendly vessel, boasting 6,300 square meters of billowing sails, under the sole power of wind 70 per cent of the time.

The ship has also teamed up with the iconic Indian Pacific rail company to provide a 16 night journey from Sydney to Adelaide. So visitors can enjoy some of the best sights in Australia from land to sea!

Read more here.

This Is Best Place to Enjoy the Water in Each State

The Best Place to Enjoy the Water in Each State

There are thousands of lakes and rivers all across America, and two oceans, that people can visit. To determine the best place to enjoy water sports in each state, 24/7 Tempo tallied various water-related features in U.S. counties, such as marinas, designated fishing areas, port and harbor operations, and other water transportation infrastructure.

Check out the list.

How do you get the next generation into boating?

Next Gen Boating

From digital displays to smartphone docks, magnetised steering wheels and a throttle stick, some very clever boat designers have some rather futuristic ideas!

Say hello to the future.

Sea Tow releases 2021 Summer Boating Trends Survey

Summer boating trends

It's no surprise that the pandemic has lead to a boom within the boating industry. Many people are making the most of the social distancing advantages of spending time on the water, as well as the health benefits of getting outside!

According to the Sea Tow Survey:

52% of boaters anticipate their boating activity to increase this summer compared to last.

20% cite the pandemic as the reason for extending their boating season again in 2021.

24% plan to vacation on/by boat (versus other forms of travel) because of the pandemic.

Read more here.

What's your next adventure?

Whether you're in or out of lockdown, paddle boarding, sailing or power boating, I wonder, have you thought where your next adventure will take you?

If you've been planning your next great trip, please share it with us! We love to know where our savvy community are using the app to get out and about.

Plan your next adventure here.

Until next time,

Hannah and the savvy navvy crew.

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