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Does solo sailing appeal to you?

The appeal of solo sailing

Could you sleep for just 15 to 20 minutes at a time before you need to wake up check the course, the wind, the sail trim, the navigation, eat and check for other vessels in the vicinity? Could you do this repeatedly, day or night, alone for 635 miles?

To some sailors, this might sound like a nightmare and to others a dream. In Jim Hammitt’s case it was a thrilling adventure when he took part in the solo Bermuda On-Two race.

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Join the RNLI on the savvy Podcast!

The RNLI talk water safety with savvy navvy - boating life podcast

We caught up with the RNLI’s Regional Water Safety Lead, Guy Addington, in Episode 3 of our savvy Podcast, The Boating Life.

“The main theme behind our conversation today has been around unravelling some of the mystique behind trips out into the maritime and coastal environment. The more tools that people are able to pick up and use to help them understand that environment the better.  

Tools like the savvy navvy app, and the information provided through the application, is unbelievably useful to help people on that journey. You’ll have purists who will sit in the background thinking right well it should be a paper chart, dividers, sextants and things of that nature and there is a strong place for that because it still brings a really good level of understanding.

People ought to understand how to use the fundamental tools and where the output from various electronic devices and applications comes from. But to make the material really readily accessible and easy to understand, by unpicking that mystique we mentioned, is fundamental to get people out on the water and out on the water safely.”

RNLI’s Regional Water Safety Lead, Guy Addington

Listen here.

Who’s up for sailing to Scotland to visit whisky distilleries?

sailing to Scotland to visit whisky distilleries

Have you heard of Kraken Travel (yes like the legendary sea monster)? If you haven’t you need to! The team at Kraken are young adventure sailors who turned their passion into a business!

Kraken travel only offers sailing adventures that they would actually want to go on, if the answer is no, the trip isn’t listed on their portfolio, simple as that.

Sail on a Tall Ship from Inverness to Oban via the Orkney Islands

  • 9 nights
  • 2-9th September 2021
  • Standard cabin: £1,285 per person
  • Standard plus cabin: £1,350 per person
  • Single cabin: £1,685 per person

This adventure includes visiting the finest whisky distilleries in Scotland and encountering beautiful wildlife including dolphins, whales, and Puffins. The adventure starts in Buckie (Inverness) and takes us along the amazing northeast coast to the Orkney Islands. You will then dock in small idyllic harbour towns, but also drop anchor in beautiful remote places and bays.

There are only a few places left.

Get 10% off by using SavvyScotland at the checkout.

Claim your discount and book here.

Will this sleek new boat design break the world sailing speed record?

sailing speed record attempt - SP80

SP80 has the world sailing speed record in its sights. The fledgling Swiss outfit has started building a new sailing boat designed to reach a blistering top speed of 80 knots and make history in the process.

The futuristic 23-footer, which is practically a Formula 1 car of the high seas, has been dubbed eponymously the SP80. It was first unveiled as a concept in early 2019 and is now picking up some serious, well, speed. Renowned Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille has jumped aboard as a major partner and the team just laid keel at noted Italian shipyard Persico Marine. This means the SP80 is getting closer to its goal of setting a new record in 2022.

Take a look here.

Would you like to spend 40 days at sea?

Historic Sailing Ship

A historical sailing ship is seeking crew for a Pacific voyage

Docked on Auckland’s waterfront, a 101-year-old ship is offering an escape from the closed-bordered world of Covid-19.

The Alvei, which is Norse for 'one who goes everywhere', is seeking three deckhands to join its crew for a voyage that will see it sail in September from Auckland to Pitcairn Island, Easter Island, the Galápagos Islands, and then to the Caribbean via the Panama Canal. From there the crew will travel up the eastern seaboard of North America.

Alvei’s captain, Geoffrey Jones, is looking for people with a sense of humour that can stand up to the high seas, and a willingness to learn and work. They don’t need to be experienced sailors.

Start your adventure here.

5 Unique Boating Experiences To Enjoy In New England

Unique boating experiences in New England

Whether you like to sail, fish, motorboat, bounce on the trampoline of a catamaran or sun yourself on a mega yacht one thing’s for certain, New England should be on your list! savvy navvy covers the whole of the USA including charts & weather for East Coast USA

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How long do 3Di sails last? North Sails expert Mark Bradford explains

How long to North 3Di Sails Last

“There are far too many variables to predict precisely how long a sail will last, but we now expect race sails to remain competitive for several seasons. That's a significant change from a decade ago, and it makes perfect sense once you understand how 3Di sails are constructed.”

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Environmentally conscious boating

Boatings environmental impact

Could there be a tie between the health of the ocean and the health of humans?

PhD student Lyda Harris spent a lot of time researching marine micro-plastics in the Salish Sea. Harris said that people consume micro-plastics daily whether it be in the food we eat or the water we drink. While she noted it is not one person’s fault and it is such a large-scale issue that it is hard to control, it's important to understand how it happens.

The main culprit, she said, is clothing…

Read the full story here.

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